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Wisdom tooth extraction
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  • – In addition to the complication above, impacted wisdom teeth can lead to more serious problems and diseases.
  • – Inflammation and infection.
  • – Overcrowding.
  • – Damage to nearby teeth.
  • – Cysts or tumors.
  • – Difficult to keep clean.

If you are experienced one of these symptoms simply schedule your dental appointment with our oral surgeon.

How you can see, all reasons can be divided into 2 categories: planned and emergency. 
Urgent surgical wisdom teeth extraction is required in such cases:
– the patient experiences severe toothache;
– the presence of a purulent process that will lead to periostitis or osteomyelitis;
– an axial fracture or a fracture of the coronal lobe, which does not allow for orthopedic treatment or filling.
The planned removal of wisdom teeth is most often performed in the following cases:
– the atypical location that can cause injury to the mucous membrane, complicate the process of eating;
– the presence of a tumor formation on the jaw;
– orthodontic treatment is necessary;
– there was a mechanical injury.
Wisdom tooth extraction: does it hurt?
You shouldn’t feel any pain as your wisdom teeth are removed because the area will be numb. However, if you do feel pain during the procedure, tell your dentist or oral surgeon so they can give you more anesthetic. How long it takes to remove the tooth will vary.
If the surgery is performed by an experienced doctor using modern equipment, and the anesthesia is performed correctly, pain is excluded. The painfulness of the procedure is described by those patients who were not lucky enough to fall into the hands of an unqualified doctor. Anesthetics, which are currently used by dental surgeons, make it possible to eliminate the risk of painful sensations. Unpleasant sensations can arise only directly during the injection. Now dentists achieve complete anesthesia even in the presence of purulent inflammation. in some dental offices, wisdom tooth extraction can be performed under general anesthesia as well. 


The smoothness of the extraction depends on the professionalism and experience of the dentist. Dental office “Brickell Dental Care” offers the services of highly qualified specialists. We use the most advanced equipment and good-quality anesthesia. The surgery will take place in the most comfortable conditions, and the cost of removing wisdom teeth will pleasantly surprise you! 

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