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Veneers are – safe, beautiful, and durable
Nowadays, the trend of veneers is very popular. However, we still don’t quite understand what it is and what role it plays in our needs.
We asked professionals, people who spent their entire life in this industry, doctors from the clinic AD of SF.
Veneers are — very thin ceramic plates which are produced to correct shape defects, tilt, and change the tooth color.
Veneers have a wide spectrum of indication. Sometimes, the tooth can be healthy and have a pleasant color. However, the patient might have a gap between the teeth which is called a diastema. It can also be called trema. It is when the teeth are slightly smaller in the volume and due to that, there is a space between teeth.


On one hand, these problems can be solved through the help of orthodontics. However, when the doctor shifts small teeth like that, then it changes the whole situation. Teeth will be tight but will remain small. In such matter, veneers come for a savior.

Our clients ask — “how much we have to sharpen our teeth under the veneers”? I would rather put lumineers because you don’t need to grind your teeth. That is a total delusion and misunderstanding.

This is how we do it. We take special tools and mark the depth which is recommended by ceramics manufacturer, we cut the plastic and we have clean teeth with markings remain.

It is needed for not taking off the remaining tissue. We grind only 0,3 mm, and we always stay within the enamel. Our mission is to polish your teeth and take the impressions off. Then the work of dental technician begins.
What are the advantages of making veneers?
The specialist of veneers has full freedom of actions. He creates a good form. When we polish our teeth for veneers, we leave a small ledge, and when a technician makes a ceramic lining. He gets up at the junction with the tooth, after which it is polished from above and the surface becomes almost mirror-like.

We are Affordable Dentistry of South Florida who cooperates with the best laboratories of America ( Florida and California), in which only highly qualified technicians work. They use good materials and types of equipment. These are the experts to whom a long line is always built.

What material is preferable for the manufacture of veneers?

A brief excursion is a most aesthetic and minimally invasive method of making veneers; these are veneers on a refractor (a fireproof model).

A special model is made with covered platinum foil. Then the technician manually applies every millimeter of coating for the veneer.

That allows making a veneer extremely thin like a shell and very aesthetic.

Veneers are made from E-MAX ceramics or on the refractory model (fireproof model made of feldspar ceramics)

In each case, the doctor himself along with the technician selects an optimal method of manufacture.

Why exactly E-MAX ceramics?

It can be adhesively glued. The way to apply is we take a veneer, prepare a special glue, etched and apply.

We perform similar manipulations with the teeth which then it creates a layer which well correlates with the glue.

A “friendly” layer for this glue also appears on the surface of the ceramic. After that, the veneer is glued to the tooth, a lamp is shone on it, and a strong bond arises, both with ceramics and with the tooth. This is all possible only since the acid acts on E-MAX ceramics, makes it a little rough. Due to this, the glue can stick there and harden.

From what age can you get veneers installed?

It is believed that veneers can be installed from when the last permanent tooth cut through and when the top roots are formed.

Moreover, we also wait until the process of bone growth is complete for the tooth to take its position. It is also considered that from 18-19 our bones are still in a developing process. Moreover, the palatine suture has no tight articulation and can grow.

For, the teeth jostle with each other, while taking its shape. If in this case we immediately make veneers then there is a chance that the process of the teeth formation of teeth into place will be disturbed.

What about elderly patients? If the patient comes and starts demanding ultra-white veneers from you?

Unfortunately, this is part of our culture. Everyone wants to have teeth similar to celebrities from media. The answer is simple. If you want everyone to know that you invested a lot of money in your teeth. We can make a snow-white smile for you.

However if you want the opposite, for example for people to think that your teeth are naturally white and straight, then we shall mask the ceramic restoration under what mother nature intended- under your natural teeth color.

In reality, we never can observe ultra white color teeth, and there are no perfectly straight teeth with the same shape. It is naturally normal that teeth do not have the same shape, and we always tell that to our patients. Veneers entered the lives of millions of people and made it brighter. Have a smile in your face and together we will make this world better.


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