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Types of dental implants

What is a same-day dental implant placement? Immediate dental implant or “same-day ” implant is the placement of an implant in the socket of an extracted tooth immediately after its extraction. It can be combined with bone grafting if necessary. 

Dentist will do a tooth extraction and he will place the dental implant in the same place. 

Immediate dental implant placing is the surgery that a dentist does in one step with two-stage implantation whereas an implant is first installed, and after its engraftment, the abutment gets installed.

Placing dental implants in one step has 3 meanings. They are; inserting teeth in 1 day, same-day implant, one-day implant.  More information about crowns, veneers, implant crowns, partial, and Dentures you can find on our website.

Two-stage or “classic” implantation is a standard procedure that is performed in most dental clinics as well as in our Brickell Dental Care. First of all, the implant is placed, after – an abutment, and only after the bone completes its healing, a crown or a prosthesis are proceed.

It should be noted that instant loading is used quite rarely: for this, there must be ideal conditions (bone condition, dynamics of adjacent teeth and correct bite, etc.). For more check-up information, please feel free to visit our website or call us at  (407) 989 99-99. Important: only a professional dentist can determine the appropriate type of placing the implantation during a preliminary examination. Brickell Dental Care is always available and happy to help you choose the best dentist to guide the process.

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