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Routine Dental check up and Teeth Cleaning

Majority of patients do not take oral health as it should be taken until they experience a sharp painful toothache. People delay their routine dentist checkups for as long as they can, maybe it is anxiety, maybe it’s simply not thinking that teeth need to be taken care of in the same level as the rest of your body. Dental problems often start without pain or even discomfort, and by the time you can tell something is wrong, you may need complex, expensive treatment. Coming in once or twice a year for a check-up gives us the best chance of alerting you to any issues before they become worse and turn into expensive, more complicated treatments.

At your dental appointment for check-up and teeth cleaning, our team will make sure you are comfortable in every step of your healthy mouth journey. Dentist will check your teeth very thoroughly. We will take X-rays and digital images of your teeth so we can see if there will be any changes at your next dental check-up. Your teeth will then be cleaned and polished, and a strengthening fluoride treatment will be applied.

The best way to make sure you come in once or twice a year for your check-up is to let us remind you! If you give us permission, we can send you a reminder when you are due for your half-yearly check and teeth cleaning. We are always one message or one call away from your dream smile and oral health concerns.

Depending on what we find, we may either be able to start treatment at your check-up, or we will put together a treatment plan for you. Our dental experts will address any issues or treatment needed such as root canals, dental implants, dental composite fillings and dental crowns. We will make sure you have all the information about the issue that needs attention, including treatment options and costs.

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