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We use high-quality and aesthetic filling materials. The appointment is led by our dentists with over 5 years of experience. We have the most qualified and friendly staff members who are always ready to give you your perfect smile. 

Our company’s mission: 

  • With our dentists and team members, we create a culture of warmth and involvement where everyone feels part of something bigger than a company. We build strong friendships within the team and we spread it beyond. 
  1. As a team one of our missions is to challenge each other, motivate and inspire for better results and improvements.
  2. As mentioned before, involvement is the key of our company. We believe everyone holds a unique idea in mind and diversity is a success. 
  3. We always strive to encourage and grow our company and each other.  

Brickell Dental Care provides high-quality and painless dental treatment using modern dental equipment. We put aesthetic and reliable seals made in the USA at the Fort Lauderdale lab. All materials and medicines are certified and provide not only painless but also safe filling, as they do not contain chemical compounds harmful to health.

If you don’t have any dental insurance you can check our self-pay prices here.

For patients who have dental coverage: Here at  Brickell Dental Care we provide dental services under insurance policies of patients insured in the following insurance companies: please check our dental insurance’s list or call us at

 (407) 989 99-99

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